Alliance Defense Fund Links

From Alliance Defense Fund 2008 Mailed Flyer
Alan Sears is a former federal prosecutor in the US Department of Justice during the Reagan administration. Sears now serves as president and general counsel of the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), the nations largest religious liberty legal alliance…launched in 1994 by Dr. James Dobson…

Donor contributions will help support the fourfold mission of the Alliance Defense Fund:
1. Provide funds to help allied attorneys litigate and defeat the ACLU and its allies…

2. Litigate cases that defend religious freedom and traditional values.

3. Train attorneys in the best tactics and strategies to defeat the ACLU and its allies. Through its one-of-a-kind National Litigation Academy, ADF is working toward a goal of training 5,000 allied attorneys to fight—and win—for Christian values in America’s courtrooms. More than 1,100 have already graduated from this exclusive training academy.

4. Strategize and coordinate the efforts of many allied legal groups and lawyers that share the same values to oppose the ACLU and
its allies.”

An Urgent Message from ADF President Alan Sears

Dear Friend,
For more than 80 years, the ACLU has fought for legal rulings that censor America’s Christian heritage and overturn our traditional values…If we’re ever going to restore our Founding Fathers’ vision for America, we need your prayers and support.

Gifts of $35, $50, and $100 are urgently needed. With your gift of $35 or more… a copy of The ACLU Vs. America, a book I co-authored with ADF vice president Craig Osten. My hope is that you will find this an indispensable resource for understanding and combating this powerful foe in the battle to restore America’s religious freedom and traditional values.

Alan E. Sears, President, CEO and General Council

Immediate Contribution Reply to Stop the ACLU Now!
Yes, Alan! I want to join the Alliance Defense Fund in fighting the ACLU and its radical allies’ attacks on America’s Christian heritage and values. To help ADF continue its mission of defending religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and marriage and the family, I enclose my tax-deductible contribution of $________________.

News articles regarding ADF

    Ban on Political Endorsements by Pastors Targeted
    By Peter Slevin, Washington Post Staff Writer, September 8, 2008
    Chicago—Declaring that clergy have a constitutional right to endorse political candidates from their pulpits, the socially conservative Alliance Defense Fund is recruiting several dozen pastors to do just that on Sept. 28, in defiance of Internal Revenue Service rules.

    The effort by the Arizona-based legal consortium is designed to trigger an IRS investigation that ADF lawyers would then challenge in federal court…

    33 Pastors Flout Tax Law With Political Sermons
    By Peter Slevin
Washington Post Staff Writer

Affiliated Organizations of Alliance Defense Fund
Community Defense Counsel
Corporate Resource Council
DOMA watch legal source for Defense of Marriage Acts information

Alliance Defense fund Legal Organizations
Advocates International
American Center for Law and Justice
Americans United for Life
American Liberties Institute
Amicus Law Association (Canadian)
Center for Inalienable Rights
Christian Law Association
Christian Legal Defense Fund
Christian Legal Fellowship, Canada
Christian Legal Service
Christian Legal Society, Center for Law & Religious Freedom
Citizens for the Preservation of Constitutional Rights
Defend the Family International
Federalist Society
Home School Legal Defense Association
Home School Legal Defense, Canada
Horatio Storer Foundation
International Human Rights Group
Institute for Justice
James Madison Center for Free Speech
Judicial Watch
Justice Advocates
Justice Fellowship [Seems to be Prison Fellowship]
Justice for All
Law and Liberty Institute
Liberty Legal Institute
Life Legal Defense Foundation
Marriage Law Project (The Catholic U. of America)
National Family Legal Foundations
National Law Center for Children and Families
Legal Center for the Medically Dependent
National Legal Foundation
National Right to Life
Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic
North Star Civil Rights Defense Association
Northstar Legal Center
Oklahoma Center for Religious Liberty
Pacific Justice Institute
Patrick Henry Christian Legal Alliance
Public Justice Advocates (was Western Center for Law and Religious Freedom)
The Justice Foundation
United States Justice Foundation

Policy Organizations
Alliance for Marriage
American Family Association
Attorneys Resource Council of the Louisiana Family Forum
California Family Council
Center for Arizona Policy
Christian Civic League of Maine
Citizens for Community Values
Concerned Women for America
Family First
The Family Foundation
Family Research Council
Family Research Institute of Wisconsin
Freemarket Foundation
Georgia Family Council
Hawaii Family Forum
Heritage Foundation
Illinois Family Institute
Indiana Covenant Legal Center of the Indiana Family Institute
Iowa Family Policy Center
Mackinac Center for Public Policy
Massachusetts Family Institute
Michigan Family Forum
Minnesota Family Councill
Mississippi Family Council
Morality in Media
New Jersey Family Policy Council
North Carolina Family Policy Council
Pennsylvania Family Institute
Rocky Mountain Family Council
Unified Families International

Catholic University of America
Center for Reclaiming America
The Claremont Institute
The Foundation for American Christian Education
Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
Intelligent Design Network
National Right to Life
Regent Law School
Trinity Law School

Campus Crusade for Christ
Coral Ridge Ministries
Crown Ministries
Exodus Faith Ministries
Focus on the Family
Generation X-cel
Institute in Basic Life Principles
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
National Religious Broadcasters


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