Some background information on the Christian/Biblical Worldview folk

Many folk now perceive Christianity in terms of a Biblical or Christian Worldview, even though that term or concept is nowhere to be found in
the Bible.

Christian or Biblical Worldview, is however, a means of common ground dialogue and ecumenicalism, building bridges, with the goal, known or
unknown of cooperation with the Roman Catholic church. [Interview with
Chuck Colson
: Biblical Worldview Crucial for the New Millennium 1999]

Many of the Christian Worldview folk are Reformed, Calvinists, Reconstruc-
tionists, and/or believe in Dominion Theology, and Replacement theology.

Replacement Theology, completely disregards the many, many promises the LORD GOD made to the Israelite nation in the Bible, and believes that the “church” replaced Israel, and thereby obtains Israel’s promises, justifying in
their mind the need for them to set up the kingdom on earth.

    “Remember these, O Jacob and Israel; for thou art my
    servant: I have formed thee; thou art my servant: O Israel,
    thou shalt not be forgotten of me.”—Isaiah 44:21

These folk are trying to make our country “Christian” so Jesus can come back—for which they have no biblical support, nor does Jesus need their help, nor can people be changed by a template of morality enforced through government. So, perhaps some of these folk have an agenda?

The roots of Christian/Worldview can be traced through Francis Schaeffer, Cornelius Van Til, Abraham Kuyper, Calvin’s Institutes, the University of Paris that both Calvin and Ignatius Loyola attended, Augustine, scholastic thought, and the philosophical reasoning of Christian humanism, Christian Apologetics and Christian philosophy, which combine Greek philosophy with “Christianity”.

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