Warsaw Poland 2007: World Congress of Families Funding, Sponsors, Supporters

Warsaw Poland 2007 World Congress of Families, Conference 4
Major Funding Provided by
GFC Foundation
The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation
Knights of Columbus
Shamrock Foods Company
Earhart Foundation
Michael and Rosalind Keiser
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Foundation
Jack and Mary Wheatley and Family
The Alberto Vollmer Foundation
National Association of Marriage Enhancement

Co Sponsoring Organizations
Alliance Defense Fund
Alliance for the Separation of School and State
American Family Association
American Values
William Andrews
Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute
Center for Spiritual Renewal
Central European Area, LDS Church
Christian Film & Television Commission
Concerned Women For America
Gil and Janice Crouse
Defend The Family International
Family Caucus
Family First Foundation
Family Network of Mexico (Red Familia)
Family Research Council
Family and Society (Mexico)
Father Peter Skarga Institute (Poland)
Fellowship of St. James (Touchstone Magazine)
Fieldstead and Company
Focus On The Family
Heritage Foundation
His Servants
Human Life International
Carl Lindner
Media Research Center
National Association of Marriage Enhancement
The Philadelphia Trust Company
Polish Federation of Pro-Life Movements
Population Research Institute
Real Women of Canada
Religious Freedom Coalition
Warren Rothwell
Social Trends Institute Reshaping Society Through Research
Spiritual Center For Renewal
Sutherland Institute conservative Utah think tank
Tradition, Family and Property
United Families International
Watchmen on the Walls
World Family Policy Forum Brigham Young Univ.

Dr. and Mrs. Warren Babcock
Catholic Citizens of Illinois
Mr. Herbert Hansen
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hepler
Mr. Jaren E. Hiller
Mr. and Mrs. John McCartney, Jr.
Rockford Products Corporation
Mrs. Jaynann Payne
Mrs. Janet Salomon
Mr. David Swain, Jr.


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