Excerpts from “2030: Looking Backwards,” by Father John McCloskey

2030: Looking Backwards by Father John McCloskey

January 1, 2030
Dear Father Joseph,

“…As you know, I will leave off my formal pastoral duties with the parish on my 77th birthday coming up in October…

“As it turns out, those few years in prison and the torture were wonderful for my spiritual life and did not leave me incapacitated
at all, not like the confessors of the twentieth century.

“…there were approximately 60 million nominal Catholics at the beginning of
the Great Jubilee at the turn of the century. You might ask how we went from
that number down to our current 40 million. I guess the answer could be, to
put it delicately, consolidation.

“…the Catholics we do have are better formed, practice their Faith in the traditional sense at a much higher level than ever…

“I should also mention the influx of hundreds of thousands of Evangelical Protestants, who have greatly enriched and strengthened
the Church with their personal love for the Lord…

“So we are half the size in quantity but gathered together, “cor unum et anima una,” to continue that new evangelization which John Paul II called for on his final trip to Mexico and the U.S. in l999.

“In retrospect, the great battles over the last 30 years over the fundamental issues of the sanctity of marriage, the rights of parents, and the sacredness of human life have been of enormous help in renewing the Church and to some extent, society.

“We finally received as a gift from God…a strong persecution that was a true purification for our “sick society.” The tens of thousands of martyrs and confessors for the Faith in North America were indeed the seed of the Church…The final short and relatively bloodless conflict produced our Regional States of North America…

Proudly and fraternally in Christ the High Priest,
Father Charles
[First appeared in Catholic World Report in the May 2000 issue.]

This information is for my post:
The Real Presence in the Eucharist: Evangelization of America through Politics


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